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Thank you!

You have made it possible all year long for so many student nurses to reach their goals of becoming a nurse and without the burden of financial worries. 

For the past seventeen years, we have helped student nurses from the University of California, Los Angeles and Loma Linda University Schools of Nursing attain their goals of graduating and becoming Registered Nurses because of you. Thank you!



  • Doreen Fang
    Doreen Fang
  • Anna Johnson
    Anna Johnson
  • Sylvia Johnson
    Sylvia Johnson
  • Gregg Kuroda
    Gregg Kuroda

    Gregg Kuroda

  • Soojie Kuroda
    Soojie Kuroda

    Soojie Kuroda

  • Randall Saldivar
    Randall Saldivar

    Randall Saldivar

  • Lian Wang
    Lian Wang

    Lian Wang

  • Spotless Home Cleaning
    Spotless Home Cleaning
  • Nimbus Studio Bobby Chi Photography & Video
    Nimbus Studio Bobby Chi Photography & Video
  • Media Productions
    Media Productions
  • KFA DJ Ken Ito
    KFA DJ Ken Ito
  • Stater Bros Market
    Stater Bros Market